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Virtual Reality Mural Project Celebrated; Community Meeting Planned

November 11, 2014 by imc-editor

            The Dept. of Public Art is celebrating the completion of their mural project at the Water St. Parking Ramp and looking forward to the next public art projects.

A Public Art Community Meeting November 20th will both celebrate their accomplishments and brainstorm future projects. The meeting will be part of the Cooperative Gallery’s Third Thursday program at 7 pm. All are welcome to attend at the Cooperative Gallery 213 State St. Binghamton.

            “Punching In” commemorates the Bundy Time Recorder made by the Bundy Time Recording Co., the first to locate at 183-185 Water St, became IBM and led to the computer. “Punching In” on Level 2 C was painted last summer as part of a Mural Arts Training workshop.

            The next business, the Automatic Musical Co., produced player pianos with robotics, another innovation necessary for virtual reality. The complicated robotics are captured in an air brushed mural designed by local artist Zach Wilson and painted by Bruce Greig, also on Level 2 C.

            The Link family bought out that company and added organs to the line and Ed Link Jr. invented the flight simulator there and established a flight school on the property. The mural (on the basement level) depicting the tiny “blue box” or flight simulator shows the magnificent flight of a jet with the caption: “On this site Ed Link invented the flight simulator which transformed how pilots learn to fly.”

In the 1980’s, the American Dance Asylum mounted the Parking Ramp Dances which pioneered blending multi media, video feedback, and dance performances. The 4th floor stencil is of ADA choreographer and dancer Lois Welk.


The “Welcome to the Birthplace of Virtual Reality” mural greets people at the entrance of the Water St. Parking Ramp and shows a “Matrix” like virtual reality grid with computer code. In addition to the flight simulator mural, it was designed and painted by master mural artist Bruce Greig.

            Each level of the ramp represents one of these innovative technologies: time clock, player piano, flight simulator, dancer, and is also a different color, helping people remember where they are parked.

            The Dept of Public Art is a group of volunteers, artists and activists who promote public art and execute public art projects. DPA is sponsored by the Center for Gender, Art, and Culture and the Virtual Reality Mural Project was supported by a grant from the Chenango Arts Council and the Hoyt Foundation. For more information email






Mayor Rich David wants to destroy Binghamton's STAR PLAZA and put up a Parking Lot

November 5, 2014 by Zalasith

I have been recovering from this season's election-exhaustion-cold, a form of illness found only in the stuffy quarters of campaign offices nearing the dreaded daylight’s saving’s end. Here, volunteers and experts widdle down the wee hours of the night, gnawing on each passage of talking points, poll results and endless endless walking lists.

Vote! Advice from Joan Jett and Lesley Gore

October 29, 2014 by pegjohnston

Mid term elections are famous for low turnout and all kinds of politicians take advantage of this fact. So Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts are important. Here are two heartening ones that remind anyone who cares about women and reproductive health that elections matter!

This one uses the song "Bad Reputation" and Joan Jett "approves of this message".

The second one is to "You Don't Own Me" and also approved by Lesley Gore.


Check it out~!!

Talk to your County Legislators about Mental Health

October 26, 2014 by pegjohnston

Call these Broome County legislators and tell them NOT to close the county mental health clinic.
One week to go.  Finance committee meets, Thurs, Nov 6  at  5 pm.  It all depends on you.
Dist 1  Colesville         Stephen Flagg             238-0498
Fenton, GBHC,
E. Binghamton           
Dist 5 Tn Vestal          Daniel J. Reynolds  757-2902
E & W Rt 26
Main St Vestal
Dist 6                          Greg W Baldwin         239-0524
W Rt 26 Maine,
Union, Endicott         
Dist 7                          Matthew Pasquale  754-7189
E Rt 26 Maine,
W FarmtoMarket,
Union, Endicott         
Dist 8                          Jason E Shaw             444-5712
Tn Union, Taft Ave
E Squires, Endwell,
Struble to Rt 17
Dist 9  Barker
Lisle, Maine,
Nanticoke, Triangle     Ronald Keibel  692-4461
Dist 2  Kirkwood,
Sanford, E. Windsor   Scott Baker  723-7905
Dist 3
Tn Bing,
W Rt 11Conklin,
E Rt 26, Vestal           Kelly Wildoner  296-0609
Dist 10 Fenton,
Tn Chenango,
E Dimmock Hill,
Upper Front St to
Rt 79/Rt 12 Junct        Jerry Marinich  648-9903
Dist 12  Bing,
Tn Dickinson, Union,
Johnson City, Port
Dickinson                    Michael Sopchak, Jr    798-7764

NY redistricting proposal is just more political flim-flammery (Editorial)

October 23, 2014 by artisalive


In November, New York voters will be asked to pass judgment on a constitutional amendment that changes the way legislative and congressional districts are redrawn every 10 years based on the U.S. Census. The ballot proposition is wonky and complicated and therefore open to manipulation. And manipulated it was.

The state Board of Elections approved the language of the ballot proposition on Friday. It includes the word "independent'' to describe the 10-member commission that will be formed to redraw the district lines. The commission will be nothing of the sort.

Eight of its members will be appointed by the four leaders of the state Legislature -- the people who have a direct stake in preserving the status quo. The remaining two commission members will be chosen by the eight legislative appointees -- one degree of separation from the leaders.

The commission of 10 is almost guaranteed to deadlock. In the event it does, the proposed constitutional amendment puts redistricting in the hands of -- guess who -- the Legislature. And then we're right back where we started, with legislators drawing lines to stack the deck in favor of incumbents. So much for independence.

If it feels like you've seen this movie before, you have. Last November, voters were asked to approve casino gambling. It was described in ballot language larded with sweetness and light (or its equivalent in jobs, lower taxes and increased school aid). The gambling proposition passed with 57 percent of the vote.

We'll have more to say on the redistricting amendment as Election Day nears. The wording of the ballot proposition is not a good start.

FREE screening of "THE THROWAWAYS" - Critically Acclaimed Documentary at The Bundy Museum of History & Art

Tue Oct 28 2014 - 7:00 PM
Bundy Museum of History and Art, Main St. Binghamton NY

$750 Artist Grants Available

October 8, 2014 by pegjohnston

MONEY FOR ARTISTS! BCAC in collaboration with CFSCNY  

ARTISTS FUND  GRANTS  for visual artists in Broome County  Get guidelines & applicationsCall 607-723-4620 Request a hard copy application  OR Schedule a REQUIRED consultation BEFORE writing your grant.

 Submission deadline: 5:00 pm Friday November 7
 Please share this with an artist who might be interested!
Broome County Arts Council 81 State St Ste 501  Binghamton, New York 13901


Coffee Bag Fundraiser for VINES

October 8, 2014 by pegjohnston

Last year VINES had a successful fundraiser by challenging people to create art, functional items and gifts out of burlap coffee bags from Laveggio Coffee Roasters which will then be auctioned off to benefit the garden intitiative. Each bag is $6 and are available at Laveggio M-F 7:30 - 4 pm Sat 9-1 at 101 Court St. The fundraiser will be Nov. 15th at Laveggio and at Chroma Bakery and the Loft at 99.  See mosaic bag from last year.

Global Frackdown! Local Action

October 6, 2014 by pegjohnston

Here in NY, we are targeted for fracking infrastructure.
Dominion Transmission Inc. (DTI) -- the same folks that brought you Cove Point LNG -- is now threatening to dramatically expand the use of fracked gas in New York State and pump hundreds of thousands of tons of greenhouse gas into the air. Dominion calls it their "New Market Project".
The project would increase by 112,000 Dekatherms per day the capacity of Dominion's main pipeline, which brings gas north from the fracking fields of Pennsylvania to the Finger Lakes, Syracuse, and points east to Albany. But to push larger and faster volumes of gas through its aging pipeline, Dominion intends to build two big new compressor stations in Chemung County (Horseheads) and Madison County (Georgetown), and massively expand a third one in Montgomery County, south of Fort Plain near the Otsego County line. Additional facilities would also be built or modified in Dryden, Utica, and Schenectady.
More gas means more fracking, air and water contamination, risks to public health, and accelerated climate change. And the three proposed compressor stations would be huge, noisy 11,000 horsepower industrial facilities that threaten public safety and continuously pump carbon dioxide, methane, and hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere 24/7. Altogether, they would be responsible for over 200,000 tons of additional greenhouse gas emissions each year.
To make matters worse, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is not even requiring an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to consider impacts. Instead, the project is being reviewed through a much more abbreviated process called an Environmental Assessment (EA). Furthermore, despite the fact that Dominion's New Market Project impacts much of New York State and spans 200 miles of pipeline, the public has been granted only ONE scoping hearing.
This is an outrage, which is why we need a massive turnout of people to voice objections and concerns to FERC bout their process this Wednesday!  Here's where to go:
Dominion New Markets Project Scoping Hearing
Wednesday, October 8th at 7:30 pm
Georgetown Town Hall in Madison County
995 State Route 26, Georgetown, NY 13072
This is a "scoping" hearing, which allows for preliminary input on the review process. So in addition to objecting to the project, here are a few things to insist be part of FERC's scope of review...
It is an outrage that FERC has scheduled only one scoping hearing for a major project that impacts much of New York and 200 miles of pipeline. Demand that additional scoping hearings be held and that the timeframe for submitting comments be extended.
FERC should require a full Environmental Impacts Statement (EIS) instead of letting Dominion pursue an expedited Environmental Assessment (EA). The EIS process would require a much more comprehensive analysis of direct, indirect, and cumulative induced impacts, critical to a project of this scale. Demand a full EIS.
Dominion has named this its "New Market Project" because it wants to create new markets for fracked gas. Therefore, in addition to studying impacts of the project's components, a comprehensive build-out analysis of cumulative impacts resulting from the increased use of fracked gas should be performed, including the likelihood of future power plants, CNG/LNG facilities, and other types of gas-related infrastructure for distribution. A build-out analysis should also be performed of negative environmental, health, and societal impacts of more drilling and fracking enabled by additional flow capacity in the pipeline. Both upstream impacts (like harm to air, land, and water resources from gas wells) and downstream impacts (like radon gas in homes) should be studied.
The Dominion pipeline connects to the Iroquois pipeline, which is planned for reversal so that it will carry gas from the U.S. to Canada. Dominion will therefore be a direct conduit for exporting fracked gas. FERC must analyze this conflict in determining domestic public need. It is also improper segmentation to consider this project without regard to all of the economic and environmental impacts of exporting natural gas, which the project facilitates.
A comprehensive health impact assessment should be performed to evaluate the potential negative effects, short and long-term, to people living near and at various distances from the proposed compressor station projects.
Surrounded by homes and farms, the expanded Brookman Corner compressor (south of Fort Plain near Otsego County) would spew over 96,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the air every year, nearly twice the emission rate of the other two proposed compressors (each projected to release 54,000 tons per year). This is unacceptable.
The public must be granted full access to information, including critical energy infrastructure information (CEII) necessary to assess emissions and safety factors.
The greater risk of pipeline failure due to increased pressure and flow rate must be fully analyzed, especially since parts of Dominion's pipeline network are up to 50 years old, have corroded with age, or may have been constructed using outdated, inferior welding techniques. Maximum allowable operating pressure must be made public and verified.
Safety and compliance records of the operator must be disclosed in the record and considered by FERC.
Link to a video series about the project, compressor stations, and pipelines:


Bob Johnston Photography Show and Competition Returns in January 2015

October 1, 2014 by pegjohnston

SPONSORED BY Cooperative Gallery 213 and the Two Rivers Photography Club
January 2 – 31st, 2015

The Cooperative Gallery 213 and the Two Rivers Photography Club are sponsoring the 4th Bob Johnston Photography Show and Competition January 2-31st, 2015. “This is one of our most popular shows at the Cooperative Gallery,” according to Peg Johnston. “It speaks to how many great photographers we have in this area and their desire to share their art.” It is an open themed Photography Show and Competition and all photographic media and all photographers are eligible to enter. Photographs will be judged by a local professional photographer.

The Competition is named for Bob Johnston, a lifelong photographer and a gallery member who died in 2010. “Bob Johnston was an ‘Ansell Adams’ kind of photographer who worked mostly in black and white film and favored both urban and natural landscapes,” said Bill Gorman, also a photographer and member of the Cooperative Gallery. Johnston’s work was also featured in his daughter Peg’s recent “Binghamton: a Photographic Memoir.” This fourth Exhibit is a tribute to his photography. Bob Johnston defined a good photo this way: “For me, the successful photograph is one in which both the abstract elements and the subject matter of the image reinforce each other to provide an emotional experience for the viewer.”


Each entrant may submit up to 3 photos with an entry fee of $10 each. The open themed show will be judged and cash prizes will be given for Best in Show and two Judge’s Choice photos one each in Color and Black and White. Photos may be sold and the standard 20% commission will be paid to the gallery. All photos must be framed and ready to hang. Two non-adhesive labels must accompany each entry with Title, Name of Photographer, Medium, Price using Arial 14 pt type on a label no larger than 2” X 3” (labels in envelope attached to wire is recommended). In addition, name and complete contact information must be affixed to the back of each photo.

Submissions may be dropped off at the Cooperative Gallery 213 State St. Binghamton NY on Saturday, December 27, 2014 1-3 pm or Sunday, December 28th 6-8 pm. Photos may be picked up Sun. Feb 1st 2-5 pm and Monday Feb 2nd 3-6 pm. Contact or (607) 7757-0499 for more information.

Prizes and cash awards for the winners will be announced at First Friday, January 2nd at 7 pm at a reception for the artists. The Cooperative Gallery 213 is regularly open Fridays 3-9 pm and Saturdays 12-4 pm; there may be additional events announced.

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